Project Owner


Portlands Energy Center

TransAlta Energy

TransAlta Energy

TransAlta Energy

Grand Bahama Power

Midland PUC

Ministry of Natural Resources

Enwave Energy Corp.

Furfari Asphalt

Orillia Power

Panama Canal, Mira Flores G.S.

Furfari Asphalt

Shell Canada

TransAlta Energy

St.Catharines Hydro SCADA Installation

Holyoke Gas & Electric (Mass.)

Commercial Alcohol

Burlington Water Treatment Plant

Irving Tissue

Aerospace Calibration Facility

Torpharm Pharmaceuticals

GTAA Central Utility Plant

Noco Petroleum Plant DCS

SUBBOR Power Plant

Brampton Hydro One

Keele Valley Power Plant

TransAlta Cooling Tower Upgrade

Keele Valley Power Plant Upgrade

Brock West Power Plant

Keele Valley Power Plant





Water treatment system analyzer service & upgrade

On-line power transformer gas-in-oil analyzers

Stack monitoring system installation

Electrical/control installation for LM6000 Sprint Skid

PLS-CADD transmission line design

Substation design package

Flow monitoring systems

Boiler feed pump control system

Substation design and commissioning

Substation ground grid design and installation

Plant DCS upgrades

Substation design

Control system upgrade

CEMS I&E installation

Commissioning of remote RTU hardware

Commissioning and start-up

Commissioning and start-up

Pump control system

Construction, commissioning and start-up support

Turnkey control system design, installation, start-up

Construction and commissioning support

Construction and commissioning support

Turnkey Control system design, installation, start-up

Plant control system design, installation, start-up

Distribution design

Flare control system

WSAC Spray Control System

Gas Turbine Installation, overhaul and start-up

Automatic Extraction Valve Control System

Construction and commissioning support